Is the condom too small?

(edit) Welcome Reddit readers. I think you are missing the meaning of the post. I will concede that your penises might be abnormally large and that a standard condom is uncomfortable. If this is the case it is your responsibility to purchase and have on hand a condom that works for you. What I am trying to prevent is the much more common phenomenon of men with average size penises claiming condoms are too small for the sake of being able to have unprotected sex and thereby spread disease.



I work in a health clinic which provides me with an endless supply of condoms and misconceptions around sex. The most common reason I hear for why a person would choose not to use a condom is that  “He says it’s too small.”

The average condom is made to be able to fit over a human fist. I am not above proving it to a client. I thought I would show you in the interest of debunking myths.

I went around the office collecting a random sample of condoms (here we have them in bowls on our desk like candy) and here is what I ended up with.

The durex was the tightest but I still got them all over my fist.

I wanted to see the LifeStyles XL and Snugger Fit next to each other to compare. The XL was a little larger but not enough to make a difference.

They were harder to get on because I unrolled them first but they both still fit over my fists. And really you want a snug fit. A loose condom will be subject to more friction and that’s what causes condoms to break.

There you have it. Unless you are having sex with a horse the condom should fit.

So whats the deal with Magnum or XL condoms?

Don’t know for sure. I suspect it’s an ego thing. Men are subject to body over scrutiny just like women. I bet it’s like putting on size 6 jeans and they fit.

I don’t have a problem with the larger condoms, at least its a condom in use and ego in the bed is usually a good thing, so have at it.

Anyone should be suspect when they hear someone say that they don’t want to wear a condom because it’s too small.  There is just no need to put yourself or the person you are with at risk. And while there are many forms of contraception (birth control) there is just the one way to prevent STIs.

Ok, I do have to admit that I am not a guy and I have never had to wear a condom. I am open to hearing from the other gender on this issue and I promise not to crucify you if you have another take on this.

Anyway that’s my say.

Happy fornicating,


Just to show you the sacrifices I make, this is a pool of lube that was on my desk after this experiment.

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2 thoughts on “Is the condom too small?

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  2. Devin says:

    For men like me who have a larger girth the condom does “fit” but it is extremely uncomfortable. I have the unfortunate problem of having a 7 1/2 inch girth that doesn’t really work well with most condoms. so while I understand that the condoms stretch and can fit around your fist it isn’t comfortable for me and I loose my erection. I do believe that some guys lie to their partner about condoms fitting because it is more pleasurable without one but for some guys like me it really doesn’t fit and in the US condom sizes only get so big because you knuckleheads who don’t need large condoms buy them for the ego feed and ruin it for those of us who need them.

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